Initial visit - includes introducing ourselves and presenting goods and services
There is no charge for the initial visit at facilities within 25 miles of SCI (Jenison, MI).

Facility Inspection (FI) - identifies items that are out of compliance


Worksite Analysis (WA) - identifies how to bring FI items back into compliance


Prioritizing WA - identifies which FI items should be addressed first based on potential citation fines


Numbering equipment - necessary to significantly reduce cost of applicable programs


Equipment research/evaluation - sometimes necessary for specialized equipment


Certification of Hazard Assessment (CHA) - documented list of potential workplace hazards
CHA's are part of the PPE program, but billed separately to reduce cost.


Identify Potentially Hazardous Energy Sources (PHES) for Lockout (L/O)
PHES's are part of the L/O program, but billed separately to reduce cost.


Noise testing - identifies noise sources with negative potential that may cause permanent damage


Training - educates employees to encourage safety and reduce potential liability
Our training price schedule was designed to be cost effective and user friendly,
especially for smaller businesses.


Notification when training is about to expire - we contact and remind you
when required refresher training is coming due


We help you get compliant, and stay compliant.


Safety Compliance Incorporated

There's No Feeling Like Knowing You're Ready

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