Safety Compliance, Inc. was founded in 1994.

Hello, my name is Brian S. Slane, and my company is Safety Compliance, Inc.. I have been associated with equipment and facilities maintenance supervision in one form or another for over 33 years, and every time I was in charge, I had the OSHA compliance responsibilities dropped in my lap. Well, I took them seriously.

As Safety Director for the City of Hudsonville, I attended numerous Occupational Safety and Health seminars, was an integral part in helping to attain the Loss Control Achievement Award presented to the City for fiscal year 1996, and have been a member of the Safety Council for West Michigan for over 10 years. I left the City in 1997 to pursue Occupational Safety and Health full time.

The programs I have written are not complex, they are simple, organized and in laymans terms.

The training sessions are quick, thorough, and contain only what the government mandates (unlike many classes I've taken).

And if you prefer, I'd be glad to take on the responsibility of coordinating your safety program so your people can do the work they were hired to do.

This step should be taken, not out of fear for OSHA, but rather, because it's the right thing to do. Your business and people will benefit from it.

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